Mokume Gane watch, now on sale !

The 45th anniversary of Credor is celebrated in a limited edition watch with Mokume Gane dial created by Mokumeganeya.
Mokumeganeya have been collaborated with Credor, a luxury watch brand from Seiko,
and created a magnificent Mokume Gane dial for the limited edition watch which celebrates the 45th anniversary of Credor.
We have designed the dial to express the beautiful sight of golden rice field that are softly fluttered by the wind,
by using a technique of Mokume Gane.

Recommended retail price: 3 million Japanese Yen plus tax
Limited edition of 35 worldwide

Nikkei August 9

The interview with Masaki Takahashi, representative director of Mokumeganeya Co., Ltd. is appeared in “Materia japan”

He was introdued as the top researcher of Mokume Gane and breathed life into this traditional technique to modernize it for the present day.


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“Materia japan”is an academic journal of The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials.
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials is an academic society established on 14 February 1937.
It is aimed at“promoting the advancement of theory and industrial processes related to metals”