Find your ring size : Ring Size Converter

Use our ring size converter.
Because we make our rings with JPN size, you will need to let us know your ring size in JPN size.
Our ring size converter enables you to convert your ring size into JPN size automatically.
*Please scroll down this page to refer to “How to use”.

Japan & Singapore
US & Canada
UK & Australia

How to use

1. Select the size measurement you are most familiar with from out of 8; circumference, diameter, US & Canada, UK & Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, Switzerland, and China.

ring size converter

2. Enter your size on that measurement unit you selected by pulling down.
*You just need to enter ONE measurement unit, not all of them.

ring size converter

3. You will find your ring size in JPN size where the letters are red.

ring size converter

Please contact us with any questions regarding to your ring size!