Each piece of jewelry is hand-crafted by our highly-skilled Mokume Gane craftsmen, known for creating quality that is recognized worldwide.
We are the only company to establish the Research Institute of Mokume Gane, to practice, preserve and research traditional techniques that we incorporate into all of our rings.
Each of our rings is made in our Atelier in Tokyo, Japan. To date, we have handcrafted over 20,000 pieces of Mokume Gane jewelry used by many couples as wedding rings. It is our mission to share this unique artisan Japanese jewelry with you, which is the pride of Japan, and to bring its shine into present-day life.
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EDO Jewelry store by MOKUMEGANEYA

EDO Jewelry

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Use your time fully for your rings! When you arrive at the store, sample rings and gemstones are already prepared for you. You can smoothly start the consultation with our well-knowledge sales associate.

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Visit us and take a look at real Mokumegane with your bare eyes! You will be amazed at the Japanese craftsmanship. Please touch and feel the 400-year immortal technique.

Sparkling sakura diamond

Look at real sakura diamond with your bare eyes! You will be amazed at the beautiful cherry blossom in the center of the diamond. Please enjoy the delicate sparkle of the diamond.

Our Mokumegane experts will help you with finding the best design and Mokumegane combination for you. Plenty of Mokumegane sample rings are waiting for you. We treasure the process of finding your wedding rings as a part of your wedding. By all means, please enjoy finding your one-of-a-kind wedding rings by listening to Japanese traditional technique and touching the actual Mokumegane rings.

EDO Jewelry

Address: Mitsuwa Marketplace, Costa Mesa store, 665 Paularino Avenue, Suite 166 Costa Mesa, California 92626

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Mokumeganeya collects, studies and conserves significant works of Mokume Gane and its relevants.
We present a few of them in our showroom for customers to experience and enjoy.

  • Tsuba with woodgrain pattern
  • Tsuba with woodgrain pattern
    Signed“Made by Masamichi, a resident of Edo”
    Designmuseum Danmark 
    Late-Edo period/18th century
    Materials: Shakudo, Copper
    Reproduction(Masaki Takahashi)

    This Tsuba is the work of the famed Ito school, one of the well-kown Edo tsuba schools.
    The patterns here are unusual for mokume-gane, with a speckled pattern within the flow.
    Randomness is used in creating mokume-gane patterns, but such patterns cannot come about without the imagination and effort of the craftsman.
    These are enjoyable pieces that reflect the sensitivity of tsuba craftsman of that time.

  • Kozuka with design of guri scrolls.Unsigned
  • Kozuka with design of guri scrolls.Unsigned.
    Late Edo period/19th century
    Materials: Shakudo, Copper
    NPOJapan Mokumegane Research Institute

    “Kozuka” is the handle of the Kogatana which is utility knives that were carried in the scabbard alongside a Japanese sword.
    This kozuka convey the true charm of guribori.
    By carving a base made of alternate layers of different colored metals, the layering became visible in the carved portions, bringing to life a very special world.