“Are there any MOKUMEGANEYA’s store in overseas?”

At this moment, our only overseas store is our American showroom located in Newport Beach, California. The address is: 23 Corporate Plaza Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA. Visits to the showroom are by appointment only. Please email infous@mokumeganeya.com to make an appointment.

U.S.A. Showroom

If you are outside Japan, please feel free to browse our online catalog and place an order via email. We can ship your purchases to you.

“Where are your stores located in Japan? Where can we find store information?”

We have 19 stores in Japan. If you want to know the location closest to you, please click on the link below to see our store information.

Store locations in Japan

“We cannot speak Japanese. How can we communicate with MOKUMEGANEYA staff?”

We have set up an interpreter system at each store. The interpreter will be available via a phone connection.
So we can have a conversation with you through the interpreter using resources such as FaceTime.
For mail order, we can communicate in English by email.

“Can we visit MOKUMEGANEYA stores without making an appointment?”

Yes you can, but we suggest you make an appointment, especially if you are planning on visiting over a weekend.
If our staff is already busy with other customers, and if you do not have an appointment, we may have to ask you to wait, or perhaps return on a week day.

“Which store do you have sample rings most?”

All of our stores have various sample rings, so you can see all designs of rings in our catalog at our store.

“We would like to visit a store to see samples, but if we cannot decide immediately, is it OK to finalize our order later by email?”

Of course. We do not want to rush you in making your decision. However, please kindly note that our quotes are good for 14 days. Beyond that timeframe, we will need to reissue a quote for you.
If you have the opportunity to visit one of our stores, aside from discussions about design, we would also like to measure your finger size so as to have accurate information.

“We would like to visit one of your stores, but we are not familiar with the area. How can we know the closest location?”

If you could contact us, and let us know in what area you will be traveling, the name of your hotel, or similar information, we will be able to help in letting you know which store would be most convenient for you.