If the ring doesn’t fit well. Is there a way to fix it?”

We offer free resizing and free cleaning! Maintenance usually takes about 5 weeks.
All maintenance processes are done in Japan. As for the shipping fee, we kindly ask our customers to be responsible for it.
*For customers living in the USA, we kindly ask you to cover the domestic shipping fee to and from your home and our showroom in California.
We can also receive your rings at our stores (US/Japan).
If you are traveling to Japan for at least 2 weeks, we will try to expedite the process as much as possible so that you can receive the maintenance ring during your stay.

“If we resize, will this affect the Mokume Gane patterns?”

It will not affect the patterns, however, please note that when resizing to a bigger size, we will need to add a single metal plate at the bottom of the ring, so there will be the trace of the plate.

“If we need to resize in the future, how much does resizing cost approximately?”

Most of our rings can be resized in the future; however, some of the designs are difficult to be resized. We will advise you of this while you are selecting your design. And the cost will be different depending on the county where you live. Please contact us with the costs.

“How many times are we allowed to perform the ring resizing?”

It is possible for us to resize as many as it is needed, however, it is not good for the metal material to have too many times due to durability. Also, I would like to remind the resizing process, when the ring needs to be resized 1 JP or larger size, we may have to insert a solid material. Usually, one of the colors is from the inner ring, or Mokumegane color is chosen.

“Can you engrave our unique wedding bands in the future?”

Yes! We will be happy to add engraving to your unique wedding band at anytime!Please note that there will be an additional charge starting at JPY 9,000 + tax (USD90.00) for this service. Please contact us for details.

“How much would an engraving cost for the messages to be included on the inside of the ring?”

As for engravings, I would like to let you know that our company logo and quality assurance marks (indicate the materials used) will be engraved inside. In addition to these, you can have messages inside!
Your special ring can have up to 10 letters for an engagement ring including spaces and 25 letters for wedding bands including spaces.
For the letters only, JPY 11,000 will be costed to engrave.

“Do you clean or provide care for rings purchased at MOKUMEGANEYA?”

All of our unique wedding bands come with a lifetime warranty. Our lifetime warranty offers free cleaning service, and free renewal of the surface finishing.
In the event that there is ever a problem with your jewelry or you are in need of other services that are not covered under our lifetime warranty, please contact us for details.

“How long does it usually take to carry out repair?”

It usually takes about 3 weeks, including cleaning, standard resizing etc. Depending on the design and the condition of the ring, it can, however, take a little longer.
If you are traveling to Japan to have your unique wedding bands repaired, please make sure to contact us in advance and let us know your travel schedule.

“Does MOKUMEGANEYA accept repair requests from overseas?”

We may be able to accept repair requests from overseas under specific conditions, and also depending on the country.
Please contact us for details.
Please kindly abstain from sending us anything without contacting us in advance due to customs considerations.

“Can I check on the process for the after care service for the ring? For example if the ring requires maintenance or resizing, will I be required to bring the ring down to one of the sotre in Japan or will it be possible to have the ring sent to Japan via Federal Express?”

We offer free resizing and free cleaning not only for our domestic customers but also for our international customers! For ring maintenance, you can ship your ring to Japan, or you can bring it into our stores in Japan since the process is done in Japan.
Store locations
As for the shipping fee, we kindly ask our customers to be responsible for it. It usually takes about 5 weeks for maintenance. If you drop it off at our store during your stay in Japan, we will try to expedite as much as possible so that you can receive the ring during your stay.

“What if the silver part oxidizes?”

Oxidation may be prevented by everyday use. If oxidation happens, you can easily clean it off using Speedip™ or a similar silver cleaning liquid. Also, all of our unique wedding bands come with a lifetime guarantee, so we will happily clean your ring for you free of charge.
You can also choose a Mokume Gane color combination without silver. Please ask us about our color combinations.

“Can you let me know if the care instructions of the ring would also be to use the speedip solution and chamois cloth? Would both the chamois cloth and speedip solution will be provided from my purchase?”

Yes, We provide the customer the speedip and the chamois cloth. Actually, the Speedip is for silver cleaner. So, for the customer who makes the ring without silver, we will give the Kagayaki.
*Please refer to the link below for cleaning instructions.(cleaning powder = baking soda)

“How should I take care of my jewelry on daily basis?”

Metal becomes dull because it easily adsorbs oil contents of your hand, etc..
We will provide a chamois leather for polish at the time of delivery, so please gently wipe your jewelry with it. You can substitute it for a soft, dry cloth.
We will also provide a cleaning liquid (Speedip™) for our products using silver for Mokume pattern.
When there is a surface dulling of the product, please use this cleaning solution.

In addition, we offer maintenance cleaning free of charge as lifetime guarantee.
As for lifetime guarantee, please refer to other FAQ items.