“Is MOKUMEGANEYA’s ring really special?”

All of our rings are made one by one by the mokume-gane specialists(craftsman). They are very responsible for making your rings by using the technique of craftsman from Edo period.
And comparing to other general jewelries and handmade jewelries, mokume-gane making process is 10 times more work and time consume.
Therefore, our mokume-gane cannot be massive productions.
Researching restoration of cultural property is a life work for Mr. Takahashi who is a founder of MOKUMEGANEYA.
And his accomplishment reflects to our mokume-gane rings.

“What is the price range?”

You may feel that our prices are a little higher if you compare with general rings because all of our rings are custom-made.
The process of making mokume-gane rings are about 10 times more work and time consuming compare to other general rings.
For instance, making a pair of mokume-gane marriage rings are even twice the work process compare to the hand-made platinum rings.
We use the process that have been handed down since Edo period, and which have grown and developed over time to add more variation to this ancient technique.
Because of all the process of making, our mokume-gane cannot be massive production, so your ring will be very special.
The average purchased prices are for engagement ring would be around JPY 300,000, and for marriage rings would be around JPY 300,000 for a pair. All of our jewelries are custom made, so price can be different according to your design details including your finger size.
Please contact us if you have request for prices.

“What is the process of “Tsunagaru-Katachi”?”

Tsunagaru-Katachi” is a concept that you and your partner proceed to share a plate of Mokume-gane into two rings.
You can choose your favorite designs and do the Sharing ceremony as well.
It is a great experience and we promise it will be a special moment between you by doing “Sharing ceremony”. Here is the rough process of “Sharing ceremony”
Place an order ===> 4 weeks ===> Ceremony at store ===> 3 weeks ===> Pick up your ring at store
*The process timing may change depending on the designs. We will inform you at each step.
For the ordering process, please visit below link.

“Do we have to select flat bands if we want to do “Sharing ceremony”?”

The flat band we use an image of “Sharing ceremony” is a Good Design Limited edition.
You can also do “Sharing ceremony” with different designs or different color combination. You can also do sharing ceremony if you chose Mokume pattern rings.
Please let us know your favorite designs and we can give you more information.

“We live in oversea, and plan to visit Japan soon. Can we do Sharing ceremony while visiting Japan?”

Yes, as far as you are in Japan, you can do sharing ceremony, but please kindly mention this first when you contact us, so we can plan the schedule together.
We need about 4 weeks to prepare a ceremony rings for you.

“Is it possible to change our size if we do sharing ceremony?”

Yes, if you are doing sharing ceremony in Japan, we are able to adjust the ring size.
Please note that if we need to make bigger size, we will need to add single metal plate to the bottom of the ring. So, if you are considering between 1 size up or down, we may recommend you order bigger one. And we can make it smaller after your sharing ceremony.

“How long does it take to make mokume-gane rings?”

It usually takes about 1.5-2 month to make mokume-gane ring. It may take longer depending on the designs.
Because it is very important for us that we concentrate on making rings one by one as a full order made.

“I live far away from MOKUMEGANEYA stores I cannot visit you……”

We have 20 stores in Japan. Please ask us for your closest location.
We can also do mail order. We can have design meeting by email, and you can also place order by email, and we can make a shipment to you, For our mail order process, please read “Order process” on our website.

“Can we order MOKUMEGANEYA’s ring from overseas? What is the process?”

Yes, you can place an order form overseas. We also make oversea shipment, but please kindly understand that there are some countries we cannot make shipment due to the custom reasons.
Please contact us for details. If your country happens to the one we cannot ship, we suggest you to find a friend who live in Japan and ask for delivery help.
Or if you have plan to come to Japan near the future, you can place order in advance, and you can pick up your ring at one of our store while you are in Japan.
Please see our mail order process from below link.

Here are the countries we have experienced to send package via FedEx. For other countries, please contact us.

The united states of America
Hong Kong

“What kind of metals does MOKUMEGANEYA use?”

We create our mokume-gane pattern by using platinum, K18 colored gold ( white gold, pink gold, yellow gold, green gold) and silver. We need at least 2 colors to create Mokume pattern. You can choose any color combination you like for your rings.
If you are considering for ring width of 3.0mm or less, we would suggest to choose up to 4 colors or less for keeping color and pattern appearance clear.
Please see our mokume-gane color combination below.

Mokumegane colored pattern

“We do not like the appearance of Silver to Mokumegane. Can you make Mokumegane without using Silver?”

We use Silver for clear appearance of patterns, but we can also make Mokumegane only using K18 colored gold, or K18 colored gold and Platinum.
Please ask us for the details.

“Can you make Mokume-gane color darker? And can you make certain color show up more?”

You can chose your favorite color combination, however, we cannot make color darker or lighter. And also, we are not able to make certain color show up more.
All of our rings are handcrafted, and color appearance are created unexpectedly, which makes our rings very special!!

“How about the durability of MOKUMEGANEYA’s rings?”

We make mokume-gane with materials that are suitable for wearing life time.
In mokume-gane making process, it is easier to use K24 gold or platinum, but they are not durable. On the other hand, the harder gold which is K18, are not suitable for the process of making mokume-gane. But from our mokume-gane research, we successfully made it possible to use harder materials to mokume-gane making process.
We are using Silver 925 instead of pure silver is also concern for the ring durability.

“Can I set my own diamond on MOKUMEGANEYA’s ring?”

If you live in Japan, yes, we also custom make rings with your stones. But it is also depending on the condition or what kind of stones, so please ask us for details.
But if you live in overseas, we are sorry we are not able to use your stones due to the custom reasons.

“Can you set side stones other than clear diamond for engagement ring?”

Yes, we can set other stone for side stone. We have some collection of colored diamond and colored stones for side stones.
Please ask us for details. (There are some colored stones we are not able to set due to toughness of the stone.)

“What size of diamond do you use for engagement ring on website?”

We use between 0.25ct to 0.30ct diamond for images of our engagement ring. But we can also set smaller or bigger size of diamond.

“Are the gem stones used in your rings natural or synthetic?”

Every gemstones used in our rings was mined from earth. We do not sell synthetic or lab created gemstones.

“Can you engrave message to inside of rings?”

Yes, we can do engraving!We can engrave up to 20 letters for a wedding band and 10 letters for an engagement ring. But it is also depending on the ring design you chose, so please ask us for details.

“Can you engrave letters in different languages?”

Most of the time, we can, but we need to see and ask our craftsman if we are able to do it or not, so it is really depends on the letters and also the ring design you select. So please let us know the details of your engraving request, and we can let you know.

” What is the lowest price for your products?”

For engagement ring starting from JPY 153,000~ without center diamond.
For wedding bands, starting from 2.5mm JPY 280,000~ without diamond.
But the price can be changed depending on your finger size, ring width, and other design details, so please contact us for the price request.

“Can I just order a ring? Not a pair?”

Yes you can!!

“Can you make a baby’s ring?”

Yes, we can. If you would like to make baby’s ring from the same mokume of your rings, please inform us at design meeting.

“Do you also make pendants or other jewelry?”

Yes, we also have collection of pendants or tie clips etc. Please contact us for the information.

“What if I am allergic to certain metals……”

We suggest you to have testing at Dermatology to find out exactly what material you are allergic to, so we can chose materials that you are not allergic to.

“How can I know my Japanese finger size?”

If you cannot visit our store to measure your size, we have International ring conversion list.
Please see the list below


“Can I purchase rings at your store?”

The ones we have in our stores are all samples, so they are not for sale.
If you are in Japan for short visit, you can place an order at our store, and we can ship your ring to you, so please let us know.
Please be aware that there are some countries we cannot make shipment due to custom reasons. Please ask us for details.

“Can we place an order from Overseas, and pick up our rings when we come to Japan for visit?”

Yes, you can. Please let us know your schedule of visit, so we can schedule together.
*Please note that we are not able to hand you rings unless payment has been completed in full amount.

“Does MOKUMEGANEYA include import tax to the price? And Where and who do we pay import tax?”

We do not include import tax to the prices.
Tax % is different depending on where you are from, so please kindly contact to your local custom office for the information or contact Fedex customer’s service.

“Can we ask MOKUMEGANEYA to make the exact arrival date for oversea delivery?”

Unfortunately, we are not able to promise you the exact arrival date of the package due to the possibility of unexpected custom inspections.
But you can let us know your request of date of arrival, and we will try to make shipment as early as possible if we can. So please let us know.

“Does MOKUMEGANEYA make shipment to all over the world?”

We wish we could, but unfortunately, there are some countries FedEx cannot make delivery due to the custom reasons.
Please ask us. If you have plan to travel to Japan for visit, you can place an order in advance, and you can pick up your ring at one of our store in Japan, if your country happens to be the one that FedEx cannot make delivery.