“Are MOKUMEGANEYA rings really special?”

Each of our unique rings is crafted individually by one of our specialized Mokume Gane craftsmen. They will make your rings using techniques developed by craftsmen of the Edo period.
In comparison to other types of general or handmade jewelry, the manufacturing process for Mokume Gane is a great deal more labor-intensive and time consuming.It is therefore not possible to mass-produce Mokume Gane.
Mr. Takahashi, the founder of Mokumeganeya, has made it his life’s work to research the restoration of this technique, which is considered a cultural property.
His accomplishments are reflected in our Mokume Gane rings.

“What is the price range?”

You may feel that our prices are a little higher in comparison to rings in general but this is because all of our unique rings are custom-made.
The process of making unique Mokume Gane rings is about 10 times more labor-intensive and time consuming than for general rings. For instance, making a pair of unique Mokume Gane wedding bands requires twice the amount of work compared to hand-made platinum rings.
We use a process that has been handed down since the Edo period, and which has matured and developed over time to bring more variation to an ancient technique. Because of the complexity of the manufacturing process, our Mokume Gane cannot be mass-produced, so your unique wedding bands will be very special.
The average purchase price for our unique engagement rings would be around JPY 400,000 (USD 4,100.00), and for our unique wedding bands, it would be around JPY 400,000 (USD 4,100.00) for a pair. All of our jewelry is custom made, so prices can vary according to your design details, as well as your finger size.
Please send us your quotation request from the below bottom if you have a particular request for prices.

reservation US

“How long would the production of an engagement ring take on average after appointment and purchase is made?”

It usually takes 1.5 to 3 months to complete the ring from the ordered date.
However, depending on the design details you choose, our craftsmen could expedite the crafting process.
So, I would recommend having a design meeting soon for ensuring the date you are hoping for.
Delivery time may vary depending on whether you wish to ship to your country or receive in Japan.

“What are some options that could maybe get me down closer to $2500 of engagement ring?”

With customization, yes, it is possible to make the price down. For example, choosing the inner ring color white gold instead of pink gold and platinum makes USD $150~250 down. Also, changing the side gemstone to a birthstone, such as Birthstones from a clear diamond changes the price by -USD $10.

As for the center diamond of Sakura diamond, we have the option of VLY color, which makes the price lower too. Although the cut style will be not Sakura, we can look for another gemstone option such as white sapphire or moissanite too!

“What is the concept of “Tsunagaru-Katachi”?”

“Tsunagaru-Katachi” is a concept that allows you and your partner to share two unique wedding bands created from the same plank of Mokume Gane.
You can choose your favorite design and, if you are in Japan, also experience the sharing ceremony.
The “sharing ceremony” is a great experience and we promise it will be a special moment for both of you. Here is the rough process of the “sharing ceremony”
Place an order ===> 4 weeks ===> Ceremony at store ===> 3 weeks ===> Pick up your ring at the store *The process timing may change depending on the design. We will keep you informed at each step.
Please click here for the further information of the order process.

“I would like to ask what does “Make from the same plate” means and how it affects the pricing or looks?”

Our customers order the engagement ring and a pair of wedding bands at the same time. In that case, 3 rings will be crafted from the same Mokumegane plank!
Our craftsmen make the Mokumegane plate each time we receive the order, and they craft it exact amount for each order. So, the Mokumegane is one-of-a-kind only for you!
The price is the same if you choose this option, but the order for the engagement rind and the wedding bands have to be placed at the same time.

“Do we have to select flat bands if we want to have a sharing ceremony?”

The flat band we use in the image of the “sharing ceremony” is a Good Design Limited edition.
You can also do the “sharing ceremony” with different designs or different color combination. You can in fact do the sharing ceremony with any Mokume pattern rings.
Please let us know your favorite designs and send us a quotation request from the below bottom for the further information.

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“I was told it takes 2-4 weeks after the sharing ceremony for the rings to be ready for collection. Which elements influence the length of the process? We would require the rings to be completed quickly, so we are wondering what we could influence to make this happen.”

As for the rings’ completion period of 2-4 weeks, it depends mostly on the timing. Our craftsmen have their days off on weekends and public holidays. In summer, we have “Obon” – summer holidays for a week, around the second week of August. In winter, we have a New Year’s holiday for a week, around December 27th until January 3rd. If the sharing ceremony is just before that period, the completion date can be 4 weeks after ater from the ceremony date.

If the sharing ceremony/fitting is not around that period, the rings are usually completed after 2 weeks from the ceremony date.

Other than that, the fact that can expedite a day or two is choosing the design without gemstones on the surface of your rings or choosing not to have any engravings inside. But of course, I can always check with our craftsmen, so please feel free to let me know your plan & your favorite designs!

“We live overseas but plan to visit Japan soon. Can we do the sharing ceremony while visiting Japan?”

Yes, as long as you are in Japan, you can experience a sharing ceremony, but please kindly mention this when you first contact us, so we can plan the schedule together.
We need about 4 weeks to prepare the ceremony rings for you.

“Is it possible to adjust the ring size if we have a sharing ceremony?”

Yes, if you are having a sharing ceremony in Japan, we are able to adjust the ring size.
Please note that if we need to make the size bigger, we will need to add a single metal plate to the bottom of the ring. So, if you are hesitating between one size larger or smaller, we recommend that you order the bigger size. And we can make it smaller if need be after your sharing ceremony.

“How long does it take to make Mokume Gane rings?”

It usually takes about 1.5 to 2 months to make a Mokume Gane ring. It may take longer depending on the design. This is because it is very important for us to concentrate on making our unique wedding bands one by one, as fully order made.
*Japanese national holidays will influence the delivery dates.
Please kindly let us know at your first contact if you have a request of your ring receiving date.

“I live far from any MOKUMEGANEYA stores, so I cannot visit you……”

We have 19 stores in Japan. Please ask us for your closest location.
We can also accept email orders. We can have design meeting by email, and you can also place your order by email, and we can make both international / domestic shipment for your ring.
For our email order process, please click here to go to the “Order process” page on our website.

“Which platform can we have the online consultation?”

We use Zoom.

“Can we order MOKUMEGANEYA rings from overseas? What is the process?”

Yes, you can place an order form overseas. We also ship overseas, but please kindly understand that there are some countries we cannot ship to due to their custom regulations.
Please contact us for details. If your country happens to be one we cannot ship to, you could perhaps ask a friend who lives in Japan for delivery help.
Or if you have any plans to come to Japan in the near future, you can place your order in advance, and you can pick up your unique wedding bands at one of our stores while you are in Japan.
Please click here to see the email order process.

Here are the countries to which we have experience sending package via FedEx and UPS.
We kindly ask our customers to be responsible for the customs and taxes when importing. It is difficult for us to check how much it can cost for the taxes, so we kindly ask our customers to contact the local FedEx for further information.
For other countries, please contact us.

Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates
United States
United Kingdom

“I plan to visit Japan for holidays. Is it possible to order online and visit a store for fitting and sharing ceremony when we are there? How long would it take to make so I can plan when I need to order? ”

Sharing ceremony is a very special process that you can “join” in the ring-making process, and it is only possible in Japan. You can split the connected rings into two rings by yourselves. It takes about 2 – 4 weeks for us to prepare the ceremony rings. Ceremony rings are in the middle of the ring making process. It will therefore take approximately 2 – 4 weeks to complete the rings after the ceremony. If you place your order 1 month before your visit to Japan, you can visit a store in Japan for the fitting and sharing ceremony! Then, if you are able to stay for a further 2 – 4 weeks, your completed rings will be ready for you to pick up. If you cannot stay that long, our craftsmen will complete the rings and we will ship them to you in your Country.(Some countries are not available for shipping.)

Shipping world wide READ MORE>

“What kinds of metal does MOKUMEGANEYA use?”

We create our Mokume Gane patterns by using platinum 900, 18K colored gold, and silver 925. We need at least 2 colors to create a Mokume pattern.
If you are considering a ring width of 3.0mm or less, we would suggest to choose up to 4 colors or less so as to keep the color and pattern appearance clear.
Please see our Mokume Gane color combinations below.

■White gold (WG) × silver (SV)

White gold (WG) × silver (SV)

■White gold (WG) × pink gold one line (PG1) × silver (SV)

White gold (WG) × pink gold one line (PG1) × silver (SV)

■Platinum (Pt) × pink gold one line (PG1) × silver (SV)

Platinum (Pt) × pink gold one line (PG1) × silver (SV)

■White gold × pink gold displayed evenly (PG) × silver (SV)

White gold × pink gold displayed evenly (PG) × silver (SV)

■White gold × pink gold (PG) × green gold (GG) × silver (SV)

White gold × pink gold (PG) × green gold (GG) × silver (SV)

■Pink gold (PG) × silver (SV)

Pink gold (PG) × silver (SV)

■Platinum (Pt) × silver (SV)

Platinum (Pt) × silver (SV)

“For the Mokume combination, would you recommend PG X SV or PT X PG? I am having a little difficulty in deciding as both combinations are very nice.”

The PGxSV is the color combination that includes “Silver.”Silver has the brightest color among all the materials, so it will be like a canvas of Mokumegane.With silver, Mokumegane patterns come out beautifully and you can enjoy the clear pattern in your special rings! Some customers are concerned about the discoloration of silver, that it will darken. It is true that silver tends to darken due to oxidation/sulfide easily.However, the sulfide is a thin film coating on the surface, so it can also be removed easily. Your ring comes with “Speedip” a cleaning solution. Using this cleaner, dip the ring for 10 seconds and rinse with water. We can then use baking soda for a quick scrub and rinse again with water. The ring will shine again!For daily care, we include a sheet of chamois leather. Wiping the rings off with chamois leather to remove surface oils and dirt can prevent sulfidation. However, there is a sulfur component in hot springs which isn’t good for the ring, so we don’t recommend wearing the rings when visiting hot springs.

The PGxPT is the color combination without Silver on the other hand. Without silver, the subtle pattern comes through beautifully. Also, gold and platinum are heavier than silver, so you can feel the “precious heaviness” when you wear the ring. Some customers simply didn’t want to have tarnish or extra care of the ring and chose the platinum and pink gold color combination also.

“We do not like the appearance of silver in Mokume Gane. Can you make Mokume Gane without using silver?”

We use silver so that the patterns stand out clearly, but we can also make Mokume Gane using only 18K colored gold, or 18K colored gold and Platinum.Please contact us for details.

“Can you make the Mokume Gane color sdarker? And can you make certain colors show up more?”

You can chose your favorite color combination, but we cannot make colors darker or lighter. Neither are we able to make certain colors show up more.
All of our unique wedding rings are handcrafted, and color appearance is created at random, which makes our rings very special!!

“What about the durability of MOKUMEGANEYA’s rings?”

We make Mokume Gane with materials that are suitable for life-long wear.
In the Mokume Gane making process, it would be easier to use 24K gold or platinum, but they are not as durable. On the other hand, the harder gold such as the 18K is ill-suited to the process of making Mokume Gane. But through our Mokume Gane research, we were successful in making it possible to use harder materials in the Mokume Gane manufacturing process.
We are also using Silver 925 instead of pure silver out of concern for the ring’s durability.

“Can I set my own diamond into a MOKUMEGANEYA ring?”

Unfortunately we cannot take your own diamond and set it into our MOKUMEGANEYA rings.

“Does Mokumeganeya offer lab grown diamonds/gemstones?”

We offer 0.5ct ~ 1.5ct size lab-grown diamond as a center diamond for an engagement ring.

Lab Grown Diamonds READ MORE>

“Can you set side stones other than clear diamonds for the unique engagement ring?”

Yes, we can set other stones for side stone. We have a collection of colored diamonds and colored stones for side stones.
Please visit here for the further information.
Please contact us if you have a request to set gem stones other than our selections.

“Would choosing the Sakura Cup Setting for the diamond make the diamond look less sparkly? When compared to the prong setting, the prong diamond setting would expose more of the diamonds correct?
I’m wondering if the prong setting would allow more light to pass through the diamond making it sparkle more.”

As you said, the prong setting exposes more of the diamonds and would allow more light to pass through the diamond. So, it looks more sparkle than the Sakura Cup settings.
The Sakura Cup setting makes the diamond looks bigger than the actual carat size since the setting covers the diamond.
If you like the Sakura Cup setting but are concerned about less light coming in, how about the “Side-Open Sakura Cup” setting?
The normal Sakura cup setting has no windows, but with the windows on the Sakura cup, the lights can come in and make the diamond sparkle.

“What size of diamond do you use for the unique engagement rings shown on the website?”

We use between 0.25ct to 0.30ct diamonds for the images of our unique engagement rings. But we can also set smaller or bigger sizes of diamond.

“Are the gemstones used in your unique engagement rings natural or synthetic?”

Every gemstone used in our unique engagement rings was mined from the earth. We do not sell synthetic or laboratory created gemstones.

“Can you set main stone other than diamond for the unique engagement ring?”

Yes, we can set other stone for main stone.
However, it depends on ring design, stone size and shape. Please ask us for details.

“Can you engrave message to inside of rings?”

Yes, we can do engraving!We can engrave up to 25 letters for a wedding band and 10 letters for an engagement ring. But it is also depending on the ring design you chose, so please ask us for details.

“Can we get engraving done on our wedding rings now or can this be done later when we come and do the ring ceremony?”

Engraving can be finalized on the day of the ring sharing ceremony. It would be great if you let us know what you would like to engrave when you know, then we can check the details in advance!

“Can you engrave letters in different scripts?”

Most of the time, we can, but we need to see and check with our craftsmen if we are able to do it or not. It really depends on the letters and also the ring design you select. So please let us know the details of your engraving request, and we can let you know if it is possible.

“What finishings can I add to my ring?”

Mokumeganeya rings can be finished in Matte or Polish, and some rings can have a rounded edge. A matte ring will let you see the Mokumegane pattern more clearly, and has a diffused reflection. A polish ring will make your diamonds sparkle beautifully and has a clean, sharp reflection. For some rings, you can choose to have the edges extra rounded, to give your rings a soft, curved appearance.

“What is the lowest price for your products?”

For engagement rings prices start from JPY 165,000 (USD 1,750.00) without a center diamond. For wedding bands, starting from 2.0mm JPY 330,000 (USD 3,400.00) without diamond. But the price can change depending on your finger size, ring width, and other design details, so please contact us from the below bottom for pricing.

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“Would there engagement ring be an available bundle with the wedding bands as well?”

Yse,engagement ring sits nicely with these wedding bands!
If you choose to order 3 rings together, all 3 rings will be made from the same unique Mokumegane plank!

“Can I just order a single ring, not a pair?”

Yes you can!!

“Can you make engagement rings and wedding bands for LGBTQ couples ?”

Yes !
We create a welcoming experience for all couples looking for beautifully handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands.


Read more >

“I have expressed metal allergies reactions to “cheap jewelry”, such as small accessories from dollar stores – which seems to be Nickel.”

Regarding allergies, we can craft the rings without Nikel. We understand “cheap jewelry” includes nickel sometimes causes metal allergies. It could also be because of sensitive skin.
Some of our customers who were worried about metal allergy have had a patch test done before they order. It may take some time, but if we know which specific material is causing the reaction, we can avoid using it.

“Can you make a ring for a baby?”

Yes, we can. If you would like to make a ring for a baby from the same mokume plank as your unique wedding bands, please let us know at the design meeting.

“Do you also make pendants or other jewelry?”

Yes, we also have collection of pendants, tie clips etc. Please contact us for more information.

“What if I am allergic to certain metals?”

We suggest that you are tested at a dermatological laboratory to find out exactly which materials you are allergic to, so we can choose materials that you are not allergic to.

See metal allergy page>

“How can I find out my Japanese finger size?”

If you cannot visit our store to measure your size, we have an international ring conversion chart you can use.
Please see the chart below


“Can I purchase unique wedding bands at your store?”

The ones we have in our stores are all samples, and they are not for sale.
If you are in Japan for a short visit, you can place an order at a store, and we can ship your ring to you, so please let us know.
Please be aware that there are some countries we cannot ship to due to customs Regulations.
Please ask us for details.

“Can we place an order from overseas, and pick up our rings when we come to Japan for visit?”

Yes, you can. Please let us know the dates of your visit, so we can schedule together.
*Please note that we are not able to hand over rings unless payment has been completed in full.

“Does MOKUMEGANEYA include import tax in the price? And where and whom do we pay import tax to?”

We do not include import tax in our prices.
The percentage of tax is different from country to country, so please kindly contact your local customs office for information, or contact FedEx or UPS customer service.

“How does MOKUMEGANEYA ship overseas? And how long does it take for the package to arrive?”

We will send your package via FedEx or UPS.
Delivery usually takes 4-5 days but it depends on the country, the time of year, and customs clearance.We are not able to guarantee an exact delivery date.

“Can we ask MOKUMEGANEYA to schedule the exact arrival date for an overseas delivery?”

Unfortunately, we are not able to promise you an exact arrival date for the package due to the possibility of an unexpected customs inspection.
But you can let us know your requested date of arrival, and we will try to make the shipment as early as we possibly can. So please let us know.

“Does MOKUMEGANEYA ship all over the world?”

We wish we could, but unfortunately, there are some countries FedEx and UPS cannot deliver to due to custom regulations.
Please check with us. If you have plans to travel to Japan for a visit, you can place an order in advance, and you can pick up your unique wedding bands at one of our stores in Japan, if your country happens to be one that FedEx and UPS cannot deliver to.

“ I would like to inquire about shipping insurance.”

We ship the package via FedEx/UPS insured.

“What kind of packaging design do you use?”

In Japan, we have kept precious things, such as Kimono in the paulownia wood box. Inside the box, we use the Tango Chirimen which is famous for silk fabric. It cushions and wraps your rings gently! You can see the beautiful cherry blossom design in the all-white material. The Mokume-Gane patterns on the rings look beautiful on it too.

packaging designpackaging design

“Do your jewelries come with certificate?”

For the center stone of our unique engagement ring, we attach certificate of the appraisal agency.
*However, it is limited to the stone which you purchased from us.
For other items than ring (ex. Pendant, earing) , there are cases you will have certificate.
In addition, our own guarantee for maintenance is attached to all our products.

“We would like to hold the sharing ceremony and pick up while our stay in Japan. How long will it take to do the same?”

Basically, it takes three weeks. However, it depends on the design and holiday break.
Since we understand that tourists cannot stay in Japan so long,
we can offer express service for them. For more details, please contact us.

We are scheduled to have our wedding photos taken in Japan 2 months later. Can we book an online consultation now in time for the ring sharing ceremony? We would like to have the ring sharing ceremony during the photo shoot, is that possible?

Regarding the ring sharing ceremony, in principle, it can be done only in the store in Japan.
Store Location >

Depending on the design details and your travel schedule, it may be possible. Please kindly consult with us. We would like to make it as much as possible.