We create a welcoming experience for all couples looking for beautifully handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands.

Because it is made to order, your original design is possible.


Mokumeganeya’s elegant pieces are individually crafted with exquisite woodgrain patterns made from different colored forged metals. Mokumeganeya delivers precious rings worthy of once-in-a-lifetime moments.
To create your desired rings, first we will ask you to select the design sample that most closely resembles the look you are hoping for. From the selected design, our concierge will be able to offer you options for patterns and shapes to customize the design so as to achieve a perfect match.



“Tsunagaru-Katachi” (linked shapes) is a concept that creates two rings out of the same billet, or block, of Mokumegane.
You can choose your favorite design and, if you are in Japan, also experience the Sharing ceremony. The “Tsunagaru Katachi” concept has won several awards, including the Japanese “Good Design Award”, the “Reddot Design Award” and the “iF Design Award”. We also won the “GERMAN DESIGN AWARD” and received Featured Finalist from the “IDEA”.

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Engagement pendant
We also have many other products available, so please feel free to ask.

Wedding Bands

Mokumegane weddingband Nanatsu-Iro

七つ色 Nanatsu-Iro
Seven different colors of metal are blended to create this wedding ring which embodies all the traditional beauty of Mokumegane.

PtxWGxRGxPGxYGxGGxSv(WG) 7mm From JPY 220,000(USD 2,300) depending on the detail (left)
PtxWGxRGxPGxYGxGGxSv(YG) 7mm From JPY 220,000(USD 2,300) depending on the detail (right)


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雪銀花 Setsuginka
A ring with a brim running along the sides, created by curving the edges.

PtxWGxRGxPGxYGxGGxSv(Pt) 7.0mm (left)
PtxWGxRGxPGxYGxGGxSv(PG) 6.0mm (right)


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Mokumegane weddingband Setsuginka

Engagement Ring

Mokumegane weddingband Nanatsu-Iro
Seven Colors ver.

月桜 Tsuki-Sakura
This design represents the reflection of bright moonlight.The diamonds will sparkle gracefully on your finger.

PtxWGxRGxPGxYGxGGxSv(Pt) 2.5mm


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What Our Customers Say

Mr. B. T.
Q1. Did you have any anxiety about MOKUMEGANEYA’s rings before you chose our rings?

Yes, we did have some anxiety. We purchased our rings online in the middle of the pandemic, and everything on the website seemed almost too good to be true. Furthermore, as a same-sex couple we weren’t sure how the company would react and how staff would treat us (there weren’t any mentions of inclusivity of same-sex couples online), and we couldn’t view any sample rings in person. However, we are very pleased with our experience and our wedding rings. TY Don & team. **If you are also a non-traditional couple, we’d like to share that we were treated no different than any other couple would have been, and the whole experience was considerate of all this and more.

Q2. What was the main reason for ordering your rings from MOKUMEGANEYA

It’s said that all people are unique & one-of-a-kind, no one exactly the same. The same can be said about the MOKUMEGANEYA rings. My partner & I have been different our whole lives, and we wanted wedding rings which reflected us and these values in all respects. Our rings were custom-made & are one-of-a-kind just like who we are as humans. I have Japanese ancestry & my partner is British, and we felt MOKUMEGANEYA’s rings were a perfect match for the union of our two lives & cultures..

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