“What is the Sakura diamond?”

We have 2 kinds of diamonds for our unique engagement rings. One is a round brilliant cut diamond, and the other is the Sakura diamond.
The Sakura diamond is a very special cut. You can see a beautiful sakura cherry blossom within the diamond.
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“What is the standard carat weight of the Sakura diamond?”

The standard carat weight of the Sakura diamond is between 0.2ct and 0.3ct.
We can set a bigger carat weight as per your request. Please ask us for details.

“What is the clarity of the Sakura diamond”

We mainly select diamonds of VS grade and up, F in color and up. However, we can also provide different varieties depending on stock availability.
So, if you have a specific request concerning the 4Cs, (Clarity, Color, Carat weight, Cut), please let us know.

“Can we order a 0.5ct or 1.0ct Sakura diamond?”

Sakura diamonds are rare cut diamonds, so their production is very limited. There are 0.5ct or 1.00ct Sakura diamond, but their availability depends on timing. So please contact us for details.

“We like Sakura diamonds. Which design fits best with the Sakura diamond?”

You can select any of our unique engagement ring designs, and they will go beautifully with a Sakura diamond.

“Do your Sakura diamonds come with a warranty?”

We will give you a diamond certificate graded by Academy to prove the diamonds that passed the grading standard.
You can see the color grades and clarity grades which fulfill the standard from the certificate.
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“Is the Sakura diamond a conflict-free diamond?”

We are dealing with diamond dealers whom we trust, and our diamonds are certified as conflict free diamonds.

“For the Sakura-ichirin engagement ring, can you arrange a prong setting for the center diamond?”

Yes, we can change to a prong setting if that is your wish. Please ask us for details.

“Can you make a pendant with a Sakura diamond?”

Yes, we have a simple pendant setting. Please contact us for details.

“Can you set a Sakura diamond into unique wedding bands? Or are they only for unique engagement rings?”

That will depend on the design, but with some modifications on the band, yes we would be able to. Please ask us for details.

“Are there any pink color Sakura diamonds?”

Unfortunately, there are no pink color Sakura diamonds. Most of them are colorless or yellowish in color.

“Could you let me know if diamonds are sourced naturally or are lab-grown? Would lab-grown diamonds be a potential method of sourcing for pricing?”

Our Sakura diamonds are natural diamonds.
However, due to the demand for Lab-grown diamonds, we do offer Lab-grown “Round brilliant cut” diamonds!

“I am inquiring if I were to just buy the “Sakura Diamond” only how much would it be?”

We are very sorry, but Sakura Diamond is not available as a loose diamond. We can make jewelry not only from our designs but also from other designs. If you have pictures of jewelry you would like to use the Sakura Diamond, please send them to us. We will ask our designer to make an illustration for you.