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Q. Are MOKUMEGANEYA rings really special?

A. Each of our unique rings is crafted individually by one of our specialized Mokume Gane craftsmen. They will make your rings using techniques developed by craftsmen of the Edo period. In comparison to other types of general or handmade jewelry, the manufacturing process for Mokume Gane is a great deal more labor-intensive and time consuming.It is therefore not possible to mass-produce Mokume Gane. Mr. Takahashi, the founder of Mokumeganeya, has made it his life’s work to research the restoration of this technique, which is considered a cultural property. His accomplishments are reflected in our Mokume Gane rings.

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Q. What kinds of metal does MOKUMEGANEYA use?

A. We create our Mokume Gane patterns by using platinum 900, 18K colored gold, and silver 925. We need at least 2 colors to create a Mokume pattern. If you are considering a ring width of 3.0mm or less, we would suggest to choose up to 4 colors or less so as to keep the color and pattern appearance clear.

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Q. How long does it take to makeMokume Gane rings?

A. It usually takes about 1.5 to 2 months to make a Mokume Gane ring. It may take longer depending on the design. This is because it is very important for us to concentrate on making our unique wedding bands one by one, as fully order made.
*Japanese national holidays will influence the delivery dates. Please kindly let us know at your first contact if you have a request of your ring receiving date.

Q. What is the price range?

A. You may feel that our prices are a little higher in comparison to rings in general but this is because all of our unique rings are custom-made.
The process of making unique Mokume Gane rings is about 10 times more labor-intensive and time consuming than for general rings. For instance, making a pair of unique Mokume Gane wedding bands requires twice the amount of work compared to hand-made platinum rings.
We use a process that has been handed down since the Edo period, and which has matured and developed over time to bring more variation to an ancient technique. Because of the complexity of the manufacturing process, our Mokume Gane cannot be mass-produced, so your unique wedding bands will be very special.
The average purchase price for our unique engagement rings would be around JPY 400,000 (USD 4,100.00), and for our unique wedding bands, it would be around JPY 400,000 (USD 4,100.00) for a pair. All of our jewelry is custom made, so prices can vary according to your design details, as well as your finger size.
Please send us your quotation request if you have a particular request for prices.

Q. How can we make a payment?

A. You can choose to pay by PayPal or the Pay by BANK application. Please be aware that we only accept Japanese yen.
If you choose the Pay by BANK option, we kindly ask you to be responsible for all handling charges.

Q. What is the Tsunagaru-Katachi and Sharing ceremony?

A. Tsunagaru-Katachi” (linked shapes) is a concept that creates wedding bands out of the same billet, or block, of Mokumegane. You can choose your favorite design and, if you are in Japan, also experience the Sharing ceremony.


Q. Can you engrave message to inside of rings?

A. Yes, we can do engraving!We can engrave up to 20 letters for a wedding band and 10 letters for an engagement ring. But it is also depending on the ring design you chose, so please ask us for details.

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Q. What finishings can I add to my ring?

A. Mokumeganeya rings can be finished in Matte or Polish, and some rings can have a rounded edge. A matte ring will let you see the Mokumegane pattern more clearly, and has a diffused reflection. A polish ring will make your diamonds sparkle beautifully and has a clean, sharp reflection. For some rings, you can choose to have the edges extra rounded, to give your rings a soft, curved appearance.

Q. Can we order MOKUMEGANEYA’s ring from overseas? What is the process?

A. Yes, you can place an order form overseas. We also make oversea shipment, but please kindly understand that there are some countries we cannot make shipment due to the custom reasons. Please contact us for details. If your country happens to the one we cannot ship, we suggest you to find a friend who live in Japan and ask for delivery help. Or if you have plan to come to Japan near the future, you can place order in advance, and you can pick up your unique wedding bands at one of our store while you are in Japan.
Please see our email order process from below link.

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Here are the countries we have experienced to send package via FedEx and UPS. For other countries, please contact us.

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Q. Does MOKUMEGANEYA accept repair requests from overseas?

A. We may be able to accept repair requests from overseas under specific conditions, and also depending on the country.
Please contact us for details. Please kindly abstain from sending us anything without contacting us in advance due to customs considerations.