Package for MOKUMEGANE rings

Jewelry Box

We pack unique engagement rings and unique wedding bands in the customized paulownia wood box. Inside of the box, we use the beautiful traditional craft 京友禅, “Kyo-Yuzen” cushion and wrap the rings gently. In addition, we use 真田紐, “Sanada string” which we order from Kyoto to tie the box. It is said to be an auspicious string from the fact that it cannot be split, no matter how hard you try to do so.

packaging design

packaging design

Certificate and Cleaning Supply

You will receive a certificate of your round brilliant cut diamond from Central Gem Laboratory for a main diamond. Also, if you purchase a sakura diamond, you will receive a certificate from Gem Science Academy of Gemology, Tokyo and a sakura scope. By your request, we can get a GIA certificate for your main diamond. All of our jewelry come with a guarantee card, cleaning cloth, and cleaning liquid.

packaging design

・Please allow approximately two weeks for the GIA certificate to be issued. After the certificate is issued, we will start making the ring.

・Diamond grading is done by each gemological laboratory using their own methods. Grading results may vary.