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I especially like the delicate design and the sakura motif.

March 22, 2018 12:40 PM

Mr.Roger & Ms.Rie











Q1. Did you have any anxiety about MOKUMEGANEYA’s rings before you chose our rings?

(Rie) I really liked the concept and the design at my first glance, and did not have any anxiety. I especially like the delicate design and the sakura motif.
The only anxiety was that they were all so beautiful and difficult to choose from. Options to make ‘our own rings’ made our (or my…) choice even harder.
Roger ended up getting me two rings (thank you!).
(Roger) For something as meaningful as engagement and wedding rings, it is hard not to be anxious. Nothing is too beautiful for Rie. However, I wanted them to not only be beautiful,
but to reflect who we are and what we mean for each other. They really did both.
Q2. What was the main reason for ordering your rings from MOKUMEGANEYA?
(Rie) I love sakura.
(Roger) Rie is at the same time very modern and elegant, but also very traditional. So, my idea was to search for something traditionally Japanese for her. In that regard, I found Mokumegane very appealing.
Q3. What do you like most about your ring?
(Rie) Our rings are made from the same, one sheet of metal. I feel we are together and make me feel strong.
(Roger) Apart from the fact that they’re extremely beautiful, they have so much meaning for me: 1) the 400 year-old tradition of Mokumegane makes us feel “grounded”; 2) the blending of metals,
which for me symbolized the blending of both of our cultures; 3) the very Japanese simple elegance of the rings; 4) most importantly, the fact that they’re made out of the same sheet
and split in two symbolized our unity.
Q4. How was the reaction of your friends and relatives about your rings?
(Rie) They love them!! 
(Roger) The rings are so unique! Most of them have never seen anything like that. They’re admiration only grows when we explain the meaning behind them. Thank you so much!

Thank you for your courteous reply.

I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your rings made by Japanese traditional technique.

May you have a very happy married life !