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From MOKUMEGANEYA customer 0018

September 20, 2012 10:11 AM

wineMr. Don Choi  and  Ms. Devin Kuhnwine

Don様 Ring(加工).jpg

 桜杢web用.jpgHe came for a design meeting by himself 

           and ordered this engagement ring.

* Mokumegane : Platinum and White Gold

* Center stone : Sakura-Diamond (Cherry blossoms appear in the diamond)

* Side stone : Sapphire

* Inside stone : Blue Diamond




桜杢web用.jpg He proposed to her in Kyoto, Japan.




pro桜杢web用.jpg He gave her the engagement ring at Mt. Mitake in Tokyo, Japan.

       He took her by surprise.



Don様 お渡し(加工).jpg

桜杢web用.jpg After she said "Yes", they came to MOKUMEGANEYA together!!

This is a picture of that day.

They look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy  : )

Here are the messages from them below.

Don様 手書きコメント(加工).jpg

Thank you for creating this lovely symbol of marriage and love.   We will treasure this ring as a reminder of our stay in Japan and of modern Japanese culture.  

Devin様 手書きメッセージ(加工).jpg

I love my engagement ring!   I can't think of a more unique or more special design to commemorate and celebrate my happiest moment!   This ring is a symbol of our wonderful time in Japan and especially of our wonderful relationship.    I am reminded of my fiancé every time my ring catches the light & throws sparkles everywhere.   Thank you so much for creating this!



桜杢web用.jpg Congratulations!!

         They got married at a beautiful winery in California, USA.

         wine  wine  Cheers  wine wine




    ↑                                            ↑ 

   Don   Mokumegane with Sakura-Diamond engagement ring  Devin


桜杢web用.jpgMay Mr. Don Choi and Ms.Devin Kuhn have long and happy lives!