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From MOKUMEGANEYA customer 0017

August 30, 2012 1:30 PM

Mr. Michael Heath   Ms.  Yoko Nakabo

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  1. Why did you choose MOKUMEGANEYA rings?

M(加工).jpgYoko found the MOKUME GANE rings online. We had been looking for rings in shops here in China but couldn’t find any that would be unique and special for us. When we found this technique it looked very unique and special and the fact that nobody else could use the same design meant we knew the rings would be just for us

L.jpg May be because I have been living abroad for a long time and my husband is from the UK, I am more and more appreciative and interested in Japanese traditional things. Therefore, I wanted to add some Japanese traditional essence to our marriage. I found this shop online and thought; that’s it!


  1. Please tell us your experience when you came to MOKUMEGANEYA.

M(加工).jpgThe shop was very peaceful and pleasant and Miyuki was really professional, telling us about the history and process of the technique in great English! Both she and the environment made us feel that we could be totally confident our rings would be great quality and exactly as we hoped they would be. Also the apple tea was great!

L.jpgI was bit nervous because I didn’t expect that there would be someone who can speak English there and I thought I’d have to translate for Mike including some technical words, but Miyuki did a great job, so I could concentrate and enjoy choosing the rings . Also the shop was very cosy and warm.


  1. what do you like most on your rings?



M(加工).jpg I love the uniqueness of the design, everybody has commented on how different and special these rings are. Also I really appreciate the inscription inside the ring, to know we have words and images that reflect our commitment to each other, this just adds to the meaning and gravity of the rings.

 L.jpg I love the surface pattern, it looks just like wood grain. When I look at this, it reminds me of our history and future.


  1. What did you think when you received your rings?

M(加工).jpg I was truly and deeply satisfied with the rings. It is hard to describe what the ring means to me in terms of my promise to my wife, when I saw the rings they looked perfect.

 L.jpg Just so happy.


  1. How was the reaction of your friends and relatives about your w3edding rings?

Different, special, unusual...


  1. Something else you want to say?

 M(加工).jpg It is said that the sword is an extension of the swordsman, this technique was originally used for Katana hilts, when I wear this ring you’d better watch out!

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From MOKUMEGANEYA customer 0016

August 13, 2012 6:40 PM


Mr. Michael Gallagher & Ms. Fumie Takabatake

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Q1: Why did you choose MOKUMEGANEYAwedding rings?

We really wanted to incorporate the Japanese culture into a unique design for our wedding rings . MOKUMEGANEYA offered us exactly this.


Q2: Please tell us your experience when we had design meeting.

We live in Ireland so the design of our rings had to be organized primarily via e-mail.


MOKUMEGANEYA were so helpful! They incorporated Irish and Japanese elements into our rings and gave us several design choices and options for several budget levels. The staff were brilliantly helpful and made the experience very easy indeed, producing exactly what we wanted in just a few weeks.



Q3: What do you like most your rings?

MOKUMEGANEYA managed to recommend different types of metal that could be incorporated into our design to reflect the Irish and Japanese cultures. This was coupled with several engraving options representative of both cultural traditions. The final design was perfect! Exactly what we had dreamed of!



Q4: What did you think when you saw your rings for the first time and wear?

The rings were exactly what we had asked for. No compromises, just perfect. The rings were very comfortable and light.



Q5: How was the reaction of your friends and relatives about your wedding rings.

Everyone who has seen our rings has been impressed and commented on their unique design.


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式 ケーキカット(加工).jpg


The fact that the rings come from the same sheet of specially made metal signifies our togetherness.

August 12, 2012 2:29 PM

香港の区旗.png 香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png   香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png 

香港の区旗.png  Mr. Reuben Woo & Ms.Margaret Fung  香港の区旗.png

 香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png  香港の区旗.png

(They came MOKUMEGANEYA Ginza branch

to order and pick up thair wedding rings from Hong Kong.)



Q, Why did you choose MOKUMEGANEYA rings?

There are other MOKUMEGANE rings makers in the world but we think MOKUMEGANEYA makes best.


Q, Please tell us your experience when you came to MOKUMEGANEYA the first time to decide the design of your rings.

We were quite surprised when Miyuki first told us that the ordering process would take 2-3 hours.  Before entering the shop we thought we were quite determined so half an hour would be maximum.  However, there were so many things we had to consider that we actually felt lost in the middle.  Fortunately Miyuki was very patient, helpful and knowledgeable.  She guided us through with a lot of smart and caring advices.  Finally we made a perfect decision.  If love is forever, spending 3 hours together with your loved one to create the greatest signifier of your love – the wedding rings  – is definitely no waste of time.  Every minute we spent has become our precious memory.


Q, What do you like most on your rings?

We like the idea that rings are unique.It is hand crafted by a master with wisdom and devotion.The fact that the rings come from the same sheet of specially made metal signifies our togetherness.


Q, What did you think when you saw your rings for the first time?

Our eyes can not leave the rings for a second.They are just so beautiful.Frankly speaking, the colors and pattern on them are perfectly matched and beyond our imagination.


Q, How was the reaction of your friends and relatives about your wedding rings?

When we first told our friends we would like to visit Japan to order my wedding rings, they did not concur as they thought there were so many wonderful brands in Hong Kong.  However, when they actually saw my rings, they were not only fascinated by the sophisticated craftsmanship but also mesmerized in the beauty created by the mokumegane techniques.  To us, the rings are artistic creation but not commercial product.


Q, Please let us know something of your life.

Margaret and Reuben like to travel and Japan is one of our favorites.  We admire the concentration and persistence of Japanese people.  Everything is made to perfect.  And we are so glad that we have finally had our first Japanese friend – Miyuki!