virtual consultation


From MOKUMEGANEYA customer 0013

July 31, 2012 4:15 PM


Mr.Joshua Anderson and Ms.Theresa Cowell

(They stayed in Japan for one year and went back to USA.)







Thank you so much!

You have made us something very special, now

Where ever we go we take

Japan on our travels

Our beautiful rings mean

So much to us

Arigato! (=Thajnk you )


桜.gifQ, What is the reason for order

                   MOKUMEGANEYA's rings?

A, We are getting married 

     and It is good for wedding rings.


桜.gifQ, Please tell about the meeting

                   for your ring design.

A, Very very considerate and understanding,

     lots of time taken in getting it just right.

Q, What is your favotite of your rings?  桜.gif

A, The pattern and the craftmanship.


Q, What did you think, when you saw   桜.gif

     your rings at first?

A, I cried with happiness !

桜.gifQ, What is response to your rings   

                  from your friends and acquaintances?

A, They think they are very special

     and we are taking home a small piece of Japan.

桜.gifQ, Please tell your recent your life.

A, We are very happy to have seen so much

     of Japan

     and we feel priveledged to take home

     such wondeful rings to the USA, 

     SAYONARA (good by) Japan.