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From MOKUMEGANEYA customer 0010

April 27, 2012 3:00 PM

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It was good to make pleasure into the last.

Our design meeting was only e-mail and phone

and we couldn't see any samples.

Even though,

we can have the only one set wedding rings

in the world.

It's due to Ms.Shinohara's assistance.

We are highly pleased with our wedding rings.

Thank you for all MOKUMEGANEYA staffs !!





At first, we found MOKUMEGANEYA by internet.

Then requested for the catalogue.

(Even we live in Australia, they send us.)

While we were cheking MOKUMEGANEYA rings,

fascinated with MOKUMEGANE rings.

When we had design meeting by phone,

we became tense.

Even though, our concierge Ms.Shinohara

was affable to us

and we had meaty meeting.

Our wedding rings

were made from one MOKUMEGANE sheet.

That's the proof of our bond.

We showed our wedding bands to our friends.

They said " SO CUTE ~ ♡ "

We value our wedding bands all our life.


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From MOKUMEGANEYA customer 0009

April 24, 2012 9:00 AM

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Q1: Why did you choose MOKUMEGANEYA rings?

Davide様 輪(加工済).gif I was looking for a shop that would make rings

with "Sakura" in them.

I found  MOKUMEGANEYA  and another shop.

Mokumeganeya's Sakura's ring was simple

and the most cute.


Q2: Please tell us your experience when you came to MOKUMAGANEYA the first time to decide the design of your rings

 Davide様 輪(加工済).gif There were a lot of designs to choose from,

therefore it took a while to choose one.


Q3: What do you like most on your rings?

Davide様 輪(加工済).gif I like to look at the "Sakura"and the pink gold

in the inner side looks good.


Q4: What did you think when you saw your rings for the first time? 

Davide様 輪(加工済).gif There were wonderful rings

more than what I could imagine.


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From MOKUMEGANEYA customer 0008

April 20, 2012 10:00 AM



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Thank you for making wonderful

GRIBORI marriage rings for us.

We are looking forward to change

the design of our rings in afterlife.

We treasure our GRIBORI marriage rings.