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From MOKUMEGANEYA customer 0002

May 12, 2010 11:18 AM


Mr. Carlos Fernandez-Aller & Ms. Trevena Yong



□What makes you decide to order your wedding rings with MOKUMEGANEYA

We were living in Japan from 2003-2008
and first heard about MOKUMEGANEYA through a japanese friend of ours.
When she showed us her and her husband's matching rings
from MOKUMEGANEYA, we immediately knew we would like to get our
wedding rings from the same store, as a beautiful and original momento of our time in Japan.

□An episode while making your wedding rings with us

From our first visit to MOKUMEGANEYA, we were struck by the friendliness of all the staff and how professional and knowledgeable they were.
We were touched by the hospitality of everyone - including being served some delicious fruit tea! - and felt very comfortable despite the language barrier, which both sides made every effort to overcome, as neither myself nor my husband speak very good japanese!




From MOKUMEGANEYA customer 0001

May 7, 2010 4:43 PM


Mr. Daniel Krieg and Ms. Waka Krieg




Q1: Why did you choose MOKUMEGANEYA rings?

A1: On the quest of our wedding rings we discovered MOKUMEGANEYA

        on the Internet rather coincidently. However, we were that much fascinated

        from this ancient Japanese handcraft that we soon made an appointment.

        It was that time when we realized that MOKUMEGANEYA will create uniquely

        rings only made for us.


Q2: Please tell us your experience when you came to MOKUMAGANEYA the first

        time to decide the design of your rings:

A2: It was so exciting choosing material, composition, design, shape and pattern

       of our future wedding rings. And the staff of MOKUMEGANEYA brought us so

       nicely from one subject to the other. It was like a lovely game, like a poem of

       composing "our" perfect wedding rings.


Q3: What do you like most on your rings?

A3: As we are from different cultures the rings are composed from different

       materials. We have chosen white-gold, silver and little pink-gold which

       became combined so lovely that we see the symbol of our different cultures,

       Japan and Switzerland, reflecting in it.


Q4: What did you think when you saw your rings for the first time?

A4: We must confess that we were three months inpatient awaiting that

        moment. And then, in that moment when the rings were brought to us and

        when the box was opened... honestly, we had tears in our eyes and we were

        overwhelmed by deep emotions one can't imagine. We were so excited

        finally seeing and touching "our" rings specially made for us.


Q5: How was the reaction of your friends and relatives about your wedding rings:

A5: Of course we were asked what kind of rings we have chosen. We were

       surprised that neither our relatives nor our friends have heard about this old

       Japanese traditional handcraft. So we proudly told the story of coincidently

       finding it onto the internet again and again. Everybody was interested to hear

       about this Japanese goldsmith's art.

Q6: Please let us know something of your life:

A6: We met each other in Japan in 2001 where we are currently living. In autumn

        2009 we went to Switzerland for our wedding. The wedding day with our

        families and friends in a 800 year old castle and our three weeks (!) lasting

       honeymoon on the way back to Japan over Singapore and Thailand was such a

       great and unforgettable time. Even we like Japan very much we are now

       looking forward to our future live in Switzerland which starts 2011 spring.

       Our MOKUMEGANEYA rings will beside other memories always remind us to

       the time when we were living in Japan.