Our concierge will help you finding your favorite designs, and we can show you our mokumegane sample rings also.
It usually takes about 1 – 1.5hrs for a design meeting.
We can also give you quotation at meeting.
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    NEWPORT BEACH, CA(Trunk Show),Omotesando (closed :Wed), Ginza , Shinjuku (closed :Thu), Seibu Ikebukuro, Yokohama(closed :Wed), Omiya (closed: Tue,Wed), Chiba (closed: Tue,Wed), Machida (closed: Tue,Wed), Tachikawa (closed: Tue,Wed), Kashiwa (closed: Tue,Wed), Sendai (closed: Wed), Shizuoka ( closed: Wed,Thu), Nagoya(closed: Thu), Kyoto (closed: Wed), Umeda, Kobe (closed: Wed), Hiroshima (closed: Wed,Thu).

    If you request for weekends, there may be a possibility that your first date of request is already filled out, so please let us know your second request of date and time.
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