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Goyomatsu (Japanese white pine)


<Goyomatsu (Japanese white pine)>

This is a Bonsai of Goyomatsu (Japanese white pine) which was displayed in our Omotesando store.
“Go” means five, “yo” means leaf, and “matsu” means pine tree in Japanese.
Goyomatsu has its name because each twig has five leaves, but in different Kanji, “goyo” means business, and “matsu” means wait.
For this reason, the merchant had believed that Goyomatsu had special luck in business success, so they used to display it in New Year’s Day.

At our Omotesando store, there is a Bonsai which you can feel the change of the season, and it is switched every week.
Please take your time to watch the beautiful Bonsai when you come to our Omotesando store.

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